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Meet Your Chef, Lauren Hotetz

Chef Lauren made her way to Colorado from Kentucky in 2016 to expand her vision in the kitchen. As a Chef for over 15 years, Lauren has dedicated her life to creating delicious works of art through her food and has worked in multiple major cities for a variety of concepts with James Beard & Michelin Star-trained chefs throughout her career.

In 2020 while completing a thru-hike of The Colorado Trail, her vision began to shift towards a need she was currently experiencing. While outdoors, especially on a long-distance hike, there aren't many substantial and sustainable meals to refuel active bodies. Although backpacker meals are good, they left a craving that could only be met if one was to head into town. 

A mission was born and a move was made! 

Upon deciding where to have the base for the most access to trailheads along the CT for her new concept, Lauren decided to settle in Salida. Once in town, there was a clear need for private dining and small event catering. Shifting her model, Lauren is excited to cater towards the high country of Colorado and provide memorable meals of a lifetime for you! 

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I couldn't have asked for a better evening at home for a date night catered by Lauren! We wanted to do a theme night and she went above and beyond to make it fun! Her attention to detail is impeccable and her food is absolutely delicious!


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